How to add additional columns to the contingency analysis report?


The tabular reports for the contingency analysis are stored by default in the folder Database\System\Settings\Formats\Show. The DPL script called “Create” inside the tabular report is the one used to define what will be populated in the report.

There are two options to modify the reports:

  • Option 1. Log-in as “Administrator” and modify the tabular reports. The user must be careful when using this option because making changes in the main Settings folder will not only affect all the users, but also the modifications will be lost when updating the software.
  • Option 2. Make a copy of the desired tabular report and store it inside the corresponding folder within the project (Settings\Formats\Show). This option is the recommended one, because it will only affect the desired project and the modified report will still be available when updating the software.

Attached a project where user specific reports for “Loading Violations”, “Maximum Voltage Violations” and “Minimum Voltage Violations” were added to the folder Settings\Formats\Show.

The reports were modified to add an additional column where the Zone of the element is shown. In case of the Loading Violations report, the modifications done to include the zone are in lines 29, 324, 471 and 600 of the “Create” script located in folder Settings\Formats\Show\Tabular Loading Violations\Loading Violations