Scripting and Automation

Automation of PowerFactory tasks is possible using Python or the DIgSILENT Programming Language (DPL), and is further enhanced with Add-on Modules to allow users to extend the existing PowerFactory Functionality.

  • Python: Integration of Python as programming language with full PowerFactory data model access, extensive suite of functions, and support of virtual Python environments
  • DPL (DIgSILENT Programming Language):
    • C-like syntax supporting unlimited access to PowerFactory objects, parameters and their functionality
    • Extendable function scope of DPL via C-Interface, thus allowing access to external data and applications
    • Encryption of DPL Scripts1
  • Detailed Scripting Reference documentation for Python/DPL (750+ pages) including function descriptions and example code snippets
  • Add-on Modules: framework for user-extendable function scope including data model extension concept for user-definable input attributes and result parameters
  • API (Application Interface): C++ interface for full external automation of PowerFactory
  • Task Automation Tool for parallelised execution of calculation functions and scripts

1Requires DPL/DSL/QDSL Encryption Function licence. DIgSILENT does not give any express warranties or guarantees for cryptographic security of encrypted models. In particular, DIgSILENT does not guarantee that the details and functionalities of an encrypted model are secure against all means of access or attack attempts.