Scripting and Automation

Automation of PowerFactory tasks is possible using Python or the DIgSILENT Programming Language (DPL), and is further enhanced with Add-on Modules to allow users to extend the existing PowerFactory Functionality.

  • Python: Integration of Python as programming language with full PowerFactory data model access and rich function suite
  • DPL (DIgSILENT Programming Language):
    • C-like syntax supporting unlimited access to PowerFactory objects, parameters and their functionality
    • Extendable function scope of DPL via C-Interface, thus allowing access to external data and applications
    • Encryption of DPL Scripts1
  • Detailed Scripting Reference documentation for Python/DPL (750+ pages) including function descriptions and example code snippets
  • Add-on Modules: framework for user-extendable function scope including data model extension concept for user-definable input attributes and result parameters
  • API (Application Interface): C++ interface for full external automation of PowerFactory
  • Task Automation Tool for parallelised execution of calculation functions and scripts

1Requires DPL/DSL/QDSL Encryption Function licence