Unit Commitment and Dispatch Optimisation

The Unit Commitment and Dispatch Optimisation tool allows users to easily complement traditional network simulation with a market simulation, without any need for an external tool, providing a single entry point of information for simulation models. The module solves the unit commitment linear-programming problem over a predefined period of time, while optimising the operating point of the dispatched generators such to minimise overall operating costs. Hence it smoothly combines the functionalities of a Quasi-Dynamic Simulation, Optimal Power Flow and Contingency Analysis. The function supports both internal as well as external LP-solvers like IBM CPLEX and GUROBI, thereby allowing the integration of existing LP simulation environments into PowerFactory.

  • Power plant dispatch optimisation for Market Simulation
  • Minimisation of redispatch costs, such as operating, emission and startup costs, including curtailment of renewables / load shedding
  • Optimisation (AC and/or DC) of generator dispatch schemes including hydro units, batteries and general storage devices, as well as control units such as phase shifters and HVDCs
  • State-of-the-art solutions for performance and memory efficiency
  • User-definable time periods and resolutions
  • Hard and soft constraints including branch and boundary flow limits, voltages, as well as ramping, minimum up/down times or spinning reserves of generators
  • Consideration of contingencies in the optimisation, including parallelisation option1
  • Curative redispatch options for managing contingencies1
  • Powerful redundant constraint filter methods
  • Seamless integration of all market parameters into network model
  • Numerous reporting facilities, and result visualisations, including energy plots and dispatch schedules
  • Post-assessment tools for detailed investigations
  • Automated generation of optimal solution scenarios and time series
  • For standard size optimisation problems: ships with built-in solver
  • For solving large-scale problems: integrated optional interface to external solvers such as CPLEX or GUROBI2


1 Requires Contingency Analysis licence
CPLEX and GUROBI licences to be purchased separately