Small Signal Stability (Eigenvalue Analysis)

DIgSILENT PowerFactory offers a module for the analysis of the small signal stability in a power network, using an eigenvalue analysis tool which is suitable for balanced and unbalanced network representations. The calculation can be configured to consider all modes of oscillation in the system, or to perform a selective analysis (especially useful in large networks). It considers not only conventional generation, but also non-conventional generation such as wind turbines, PV systems and HVDC.  The results can be visualised in an eigenvalue plot or tabular reports, including all relevant information such as frequency of oscillation, damping and damping ratio. In addition, the participation factors of the state variables, observability (right eigenvectors) and controllability (left eigenvectors) can be visualised in bar and phasor plots.

  • Full and selective eigenvalue analysis
  • Balanced (positive sequence) or unbalanced network representation, ­including combined AC and DC modelling, with non-conventional generation such as wind turbines, PV systems, HVDC, VSC and other FACTS devices
  • Interactive and mutually linked eigenvalue, mode bar and mode phasor plots
  • Visualisation of eigenvectors in network diagrams
  • Tabular reports of eigenvalues, including damped frequencies, damping time constants
  • Detailed reports of oscillatory modes including participation factors of state variables, controllability
    and observability