Short-Circuit Analysis

PowerFactory provides short-circuit calculations for single and multiple faults, together with a number of reporting options. As short-circuit calculations are needed for a variety of purposes, the short-circuit calculation in PowerFactory supports different representations and calculation methods based on a range of international standards, as well as the superposition method (also known as the Complete Method), which is based on a specific network operating point and provides the required algorithms and precision for determining the “true” or “operational” short-circuit currents without considering the simplifications or assumptions typically made in standard fault analysis.

  • Support of IEC 60909 (including 2016 edition), IEEE 141/IEEE 551/ANSI C37, VDE 0102/0103, G74 and IEC 61363 norms and methods
  • Calculation of short-circuit currents in DC grids according to IEC 61660 and ANSI/IEEE 946
  • Complete superposition method, including dynamic voltage support of generators connected via power electronics
  • Fast multiple fault analysis of any kind of fault including ­single-phase interruption, inter-circuit faults, broken conductor event, fault sweep along lines, customisable short-circuit sweep diagrams, etc.