Results and Reporting

Results and other data can be presented to the user in a variety of ways, including inbuilt spreadsheet-style or text reports and configurable presentation of results on graphics or in tabular format. Interactive plots can also be easily generated and customised.

  • Extremely rich set of calculation quantities
  • Comprehensive reports library for all calculation functions
  • Support of various report formats such as PDF, together with an inbuilt PDF viewer
  • Powerful Report Designer, for customised reports
  • Inbuilt tabular reports for specific functions
  • Tabular result views via configurable Flexible Data pages
  • Export of results to standard data formats
  • Flexible reporting and result visualisation in network diagrams
  • Interactive output window with flexible filter functionality
  • Numerous interactive plots for result visualisation (differential and time-over current protection, harmonics, stability and transients, eigenvalue analysis, etc.)
  • Easy-to-use plot navigation (e.g. scaling, zooming, moving/sliding, stretching/compressing, etc.)
  • Highly customisable plot layouts and styles, including curve representation, axis and labels, gridlines, title, and legends
  • Intelligent Plots with statistics functionality
  • Digital Signal plot and Fault Recorder view
  • Powerful results comparison mode