Industrial Systems

The design and operation of industrial networks is becoming increasingly challenging with the integration of more power electronics, sophisticated automation systems, and increased reliance on island mode operation. To face these challenges whilst ensuring continuity of production, electrical power quality, and the safety of personnel, proper modelling and analysis of the electrical networks is of the utmost importance.

PowerFactory provides a vast array of functionality perfectly suited to the industrial user’s needs such as high precision load flow algorithms, flexible short-circuit calculation features, 4-wire and DC grid modelling, protection modelling and analysis tools, harmonic calculations and filter design options. In addition, PowerFactory provides up to date standards for short-circuit and arc-flash calculations, with clearly-presented results and a comprehensive and user-friendly interface. The flexible data manager allows easy, tabular configuration of all input parameters and a spreadsheet-like export of results. To meet new challenges in industrial networks which require more detailed analysis in the time domain, PowerFactory offers the flexibility to analyse electro-mechanical and also electro-magnetic phenomena.

Typical studies

As an integrated simulation tool with a rich spectrum of analysis functions, a variety of analyses may be carried out using the same data model.