FAQ Training Courses

Please find below some important information regarding DIgSILENT training courses.

What training courses are available for PowerFactory?

We offer a series of standard courses throughout the year, either online or at our offices in Gomaringen; these are listed in the Upcoming Training Courses.

However, other training courses are also available on request. These courses are so-called “user-specific” and can be held online, in our offices or at the customer's premises.

The list of available courses can be found in the following document:

A quotation can be requested by e-mail: training@digsilent.de.

Which PowerFactory version is used for the training courses?

The standard training courses always use the latest version of PowerFactory, once the training material has been updated. The version of PowerFactory used for the training is specified in the course description and programme.

The version used for user-specific training courses can be arranged with the customer.

Can I do the training with a different PowerFactory version from the one specified in the programme?

For the standard training courses, the training material has been prepared for the version of PowerFactory specified in the programme. It is not possible to use a different version. This is because PowerFactory projects are not compatible with previous versions and the instructions may have changed.

The version of PowerFactory to be used in user-specific training courses can be arranged with the customer.

On which platform are the online courses delivered?

Standard training courses are delivered in Zoom. For information on how to join a Zoom meeting, please visit the Zoom support website:


The platform used in user-specific training courses can be defined with the customer.

Do I need experience with PowerFactory to attend the training courses?

For the introductory course: Load Flow and Short Circuit Calculation, no previous knowledge is required. However, it is beneficial to prepare for the course by watching some of the videos available on our YouTube channel.

For the other courses, experience with PowerFactory may be essential in order to be able to follow the training instructions in the time allotted. The experience required for each course is specified in the course description and programme.

Do I need to prepare for the Python Training course?

The DIgSILENT “Scripting with Python in PowerFactory” focusses mainly on the communication between PowerFactory and Python. The training includes a short introduction to the Python language and syntax. However, knowing the basics in advance will enable the participant to focus more on the main tasks and the objectives of the exercises. Therefore, we recommend basic scripting experience (in Python), even though it not mandatory for the participation in this training.

Additional information and examples are available on the following address: