How can I plot impedance trajectories in RX diagrams?


The attached document shows the steps necessary to plot an impedance trajectory in the RX diagram. The steps are the same for RMS and EMT simulations and also explained below:

1. Locate the polarizing unit in the relay, which calculates the impedances. Define results via right click->Define->Results for Simulation RMS/EMT and confirm the selected polarizing unit in the dialog to open the variable selection.
2. Select under the page RMS or EMT the resistance and reactance for the desired loop (e.g. c:Rp:A and c:Xp:A).
3. After executing the simulation, create a RX diagram and select, under the page 'Trajectories', the polarizing unit, X and Y variables.
4. The result is the measured trajectory of one impedance loop (phase A to ground).