Economic Analysis Tools

The Economic Analysis Tools package provides a means of combining conventional network analyses with economic considerations, to assess the economic impact of network and power plant developments.

The Techno-Economical Calculation (TechEco) function can be used to analyse costs and benefits of network expansion using Net Present Value. TechEco analyses investment costs, cost of losses, interruption costs and the economic impact of project schedules.

Power Park Energy Analysis provides an evaluation of the profitability of power plants based on load flow calculations, including options for time-series and probabilistic analysis.

Techno-Economical Analysis

  • Economic assessment of network expansion strategies
  • Net Present Value method considering costs of losses, investment costs, economic impact of failure rates (only with Reliability Analysis functions), and project schedules
  • Efficiency ratio evaluation to determine optimal year of investment
  • Parallelised execution using multiple cores
  • Study Case Comparison tool, for the evaluation and comparison of different network development strategies
  • Reporting options for input data and calculation results

Power Park Energy Analysis

  • Economic evaluation of power plants based on load flow calculations, with three calculation methods for energy analysis
  • Basic Analysis:
    • Designed for power parks consisting of wind generators
    • Simulation of power generation via wind speed distribution (Weibull) and wind power curves
  • Time-series Analysis1:
    • Energy analysis of power parks over a user-defined period of time using the quasi-dynamic simulation
    • Highly flexible data input, using characteristics for many network equipment parameters
  • Probabilistic Analysis2:
    • Power park energy analysis, taking probability distributions of various quantities into account
    • Monte-Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo methods available
    • Range of further statistical evaluation possibilities
  • Comprehensive report function: report losses, profits and costs, energies, full load hours and more
  • Selection of relevant plots with predefined variables

1Requires Quasi-Dynamic Simulation licence

2Requires Probabilistic Analysis licence