Contingency Analysis

The Contingency Analysis tool in DIgSILENT PowerFactory has been designed to offer a high degree of flexibility in configuration, calculation methods and reporting options. Single- and multiple- time-phase contingency analyses are available, both of which offer automatic or user-defined contingency creation based on events, and the consideration of controller time constants and thermal (short-term) ratings.

  • AC, DC and AC linearised analysis methods, including regional assessment
  • Outage levels: n-1, n-2, n-k
  • Fast contingency screening with recalculation of critical cases using AC method
  • Single and multiple time phase consideration
  • Dynamic contingencies option for creating fault cases “on the fly”
  • Remedial Action Schemes for flexible and dynamic analysis of post-fault actions
  • Substation automation via switching schemes
  • User-configured time-sweep analysis with parallelisation option
  • Generator effectiveness and quad booster effectiveness
  • Enhanced Fault Case management
  • Comprehensive spreadsheet reporting features, including graphical ­visualisation of critical cases
  • Tracing of individual contingency cases
  • Contingency comparison mode
  • Parallelised Contingency Analysis using multiple cores