Arc-Flash Analysis

The Arc-Flash Analysis tool supports various international recognised standards and recommendations for Arc-Flash Hazard calculations. All calculation results can be represented graphically or in tables and Arc-Flash labels can be generated. Different ways of specifying the fault clearing time are offered; if the Protection Functions licence is available, the Arc-Flash Analysis can be configured to take into account protection devices and their fault clearing times.

  • Arc-Flash calculation for AC systems in accordance with IEEE 1584-2002 and -2018, NFPA 70E-2021 and DGUV 203-077 and EPRI
  • Arc-Flash calculation for DC systems in accordance with NFPA 70E-2021 and DGUV 203-077
  • Incident Energy, Flash-Protection Boundary and PPE Category on the single line diagram
  • Automated preparation of Arc-Flash labels
  • Automatic protection-based fault clearing time determination1
  • Calculation of arcing-current energy

1Requires Protection Functions licence