Transmission Network Tools

This suite of tools aimed at transmission network operators and planners includes options for analysing the voltage stability and power transfer capabilities of the network.

PV curves calculation

  • Voltage stability assessment by determination of critical point of voltage instability
  • Support contingency analysis, i.e. detection of “limiting contingency”1

QV curves calculation

  • Voltage stability limit assessment by evaluating the bus voltage change w.r.t. variation of injected reactive power
  • Evaluating of stable operating points for various system loading scenarios, including contingencies1
  • Determination of reactive power compensation by superposition of capacitor characteristics in QV plots

Power Transfer Distribution Factors

  • Analysis of the impact of a power exchange between two regions
  • Various load and generation scaling options

Transfer Capacity Analysis

  • Determination of maximum power transfer capacity between two regions
  • Various load and generation scaling options for exporting and importing region
  • Thermal, voltage and contingency constraints options

Flow Decomposition

  • Calculation of loop flows, transit flows and import/export power flows
  • Identification of HVDC- and phase-shifting transformer induced cycle flows


1 Requires Contingency Analysis licence