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This page is updated twice a year with the standard training courses available at our offices in Germany.
Last update on March 13th 2020.

Important information regarding the PowerFactory training schedule in relation to COVID-19

In light of the recent events we have adjusted our PowerFactory training schedule for the spring/summer season 2020.

Please note that the following training courses have been cancelled/postponed:

  • S2020.0401.GO – Harmonic Analysis – 01.-02.04.2020
  • S2020.0421.DR – Einsteigerschulung: Lastfluss- und Kurzschlussberechnung mit PowerFactory – 21.-23.04.2020
  • S2020.0505.GO – Netzschutz mit PowerFactory – 05.-07.05.2020

We are offering alternative dates for the following training courses in June:

  • S2020.0622.GO – Power System Stability - 22.-24.06.2020
  • S2020.0626.GO – Dynamic Modeling Workshop (DSL) – 26.-27.06.2020

The new dates, and registration forms, can be found in the following list:

(Language: EN, Gomaringen)

Power System Stability (S2020.0622.GO)

The seminar introduces the participant to the tools and techniques commonly used in practice for stability studies. Single-machine and Multi-machine power systems are studied, using steady state, time-domain and frequency-domain techniques.

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In addition to these standard training courses, we offer a range of user-specific training courses.
To make enquiries, please contact us on +49 7072 916 888 or email c.koenig@digsilent.de