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This page is updated twice a year with the standard training courses available at our offices in Germany.
Last update on March 13th 2020.

Important information regarding the PowerFactory training schedule in relation to COVID-19

In light of the recent events we have adjusted our PowerFactory training schedule for the spring/summer season 2020.

Please note that the following training courses have been cancelled/postponed:

  • S2020.0401.GO – Harmonic Analysis – 01.-02.04.2020
  • S2020.0421.DR – Einsteigerschulung: Lastfluss- und Kurzschlussberechnung mit PowerFactory – 21.-23.04.2020
  • S2020.0505.GO – Netzschutz mit PowerFactory – 05.-07.05.2020

We are offering alternative dates for the following training courses in June:

  • S2020.0622.GO – Power System Stability - 22.-24.06.2020
  • S2020.0626.GO – Dynamic Modeling Workshop (DSL) – 26.-27.06.2020

The new dates, and registration forms, can be found in the following list:

(Language: EN, Gomaringen)

Grid connection of renewable generation (S2020.0514.GO)

The seminar introduces the participant to the tools and techniques commonly used in practice for the analysis of grid integration of renewables in the power system with focus on wind power and photovoltaics (PV). This two-day course provides a systematic approach for performing a grid compliance study, by covering the following topics:

  • Steady-state behaviour with consideration of grid code requirements
  • Short-circuit calculation
  • Harmonic Analysis according to IEC61000
  • Dynamic simulation for fault behaviour

Each topic above includes a theoretical background and a practical part where participants acquire hands-on experience in the use of PowerFactory.

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In addition to these standard training courses, we offer a range of user-specific training courses.
To make enquiries, please contact us on +49 7072 916 888 or email c.koenig@digsilent.de