System Parameter Identification

This built-in system of identification and general optimisation procedures provide an easy and accurate method to perform model parameter identification on the basis of system tests and field measurements, working from input reference values generated in PowerFactory or taken from external files. Suitable for load flow models as well as time-domain simulation models, it is able to identify multiple parameters at once, with constrained (only positive) and unconstrained options available for each parameter and is fully integrated into the graphical frame definition and block diagrams. The optimisation procedures provided are highly generic and can also be used for optimally tuning parameters such as PSS settings according to defined model response functions.

  • Parameter estimation of non-linear dynamic MIMO-systems fully integrated with DSL modelling
  • Black box parameter estimation of non-linear systems
  • Identification of any calculation relevant parameter (type, element, control model)
  • Multi-parameter identification with flexible upper/lower limitation
  • Various algorithms available (gradient based, swarm intelligence, pattern search, global optimisers)
  • Support of load flow, Quasi-Dynamic Simulation1, RMS-simulation (balanced/unbalanced) and EMT-simulation2
  • Multiple options for optimisation, using field measurement data or simulation results

1Requires Quasi-Dynamic Simulation licence
² Requires Stability Analysis Functions (RMS) or Electromagnetic Transients (EMT) licence