Innovative Data Warehouse Solution

StationWare Structure

DIgSILENT StationWare is a centralised asset management system for primary and secondary equipment. The large number of individual settings for numerical relays nowadays requires careful management in order to function reliably. Networks consisting of devices from various manufacturers can be burdensome to an IT department; each manufacturer requires an installation of its own software. StationWare is a user-friendly, multi-user web application that requires no client-side installation. All settings are stored in a manufacturer-independent format, traceability of settings changes is provided, document management functionality is included, and settings data is exchanged between manufacturer-specific relay settings software and PowerFactory. In order to cater for business processes related to electrical equipment and protection settings, StationWare allows the definition of company-specific workflows.

StationWare settings converter

StationWare Applications

Asset Management

In StationWare, assets can be managed in a completely user-definable hierarchy consisting of location and devices. Customised attributes can be defined for any asset depending on company requirements. Assets can be identified by a unique key to link StationWare to other asset management systems. Access rights can be granted on the asset hierarchy according to a user’s field of responsibility. The StationWare topology for primary and signal connections makes it possible to connect electrical devices to form a network.

Protection Settings Management

StationWare stores and records all settings associated with protection devices. A wide range of device models is supported. User-defined device models can be created and imported with ease. Device models include multiple settings groups, range checks, descriptions, and units of measurement. The presentation of settings values faithfully reflects
the original software. Workflows handling protection settings are company-specific and the definition of this workflow is completely configurable. Email notifications can be triggered on workflow events. All changes regarding settings, devices, and locations are stored in an audit trail. Data is stored in a tamper-proof manner, essential for traceability and accountability.

Business Processes

Business processes can be defined in StationWare. These processes can contain several individual tasks to create a detailed workflow representation. Every process type can be equipped with a fully-configurable workflow lifecycle. Processes and tasks can be connected to devices and settings to indicate correlation. Examples of processes include maintenance, commissioning, cyclic protection tests, and arc-flash label creation. The latter process can be carried out in StationWare using specific arc-flash process lifecycles, reports, and scripts. Calculated arc-flash label parameters can be imported into StationWare from PowerFactory. Business process management contains the same features as settings management, including email notifications and audit trail support.