Simulation Models

Accurate simulation models constitute an important basis and prerequisite for the successful realisation of the planning tasks. Furthermore, reviewing the compliance of the characteristics of generating units and generating plants with the respective grid codes is possible only on the basis of high-precision simulation models.

DIgSILENT develops simulation models, especially for users of the PowerFactory software, based on the DSL or C++ programming language. The models are developed on the basis of technical data, construction drawings, thermal flow diagrams, control schematics, and plant and component measurements in particular as prerequisites for the validation of the model.

Simulation models can be provided as open, encrypted, or compiled models.

Typical model developments include:

  • Wind turbine models
  • PV inverter models
  • Combustion generator models
  • Classical power plant models with synchronous generator (steam, gas, hydraulic)
  • Models of HVDC systems (RMS/EMT) and other power electronic components including their controls
  • Protection devices and grid control systems

Consulting Services - Overview

  • Development of detailed power plant models for wind turbines, PV inverters, combustion engines, steam power plants, hydro power plants, gas turbines
  • Validation of power plant models on the basis of component or plant measurements (from external sources or from DIgSILENT)
  • Development of simulation models for HVDC systems (VSC, LCC) including complete grid models (RMS and EMT models)
  • Connection of manufacturer DLLs and preparation of encrypted models
  • Development of online simulator models
  • Determination of optimised controller settings
  • Development and optimisation of control strategies