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Introductory Course: Load Flow and Short Circuit Calculation (S2024.07.08.Online_Basic.EN)

This training gives the participants an introduction to the handling and basic calculation functions of PowerFactory.

It begins with the introduction of the handling and the basics for modelling a network. Afterwards a load flow calculation is executed to analyse the network. Occurring voltage problems will be eliminated by implementing different control strategies.

With the short-circuit current calculation according to IEC60909, typical 3-pole and 1-pole faults at different fault locations are simulated. Thereby, the short-circuit rating of the equipment as well as different earthing concepts are evaluated. The introduction of the tools for network planning and network operation serves as a further training content. With these tools it is possible to plan future expansion scenarios and to perform calculations on the same network for different operating cases.

The training ends with additional information on the base package and some tips & tricks for working with PowerFactory.


Training program in English

S2024.07.08.Online_Basic.EN.pdf (1.1 MB)

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