Language: EN, Online training via Zoom

Arc Flash (S2021.04.23.Online_Arc.En)

Arc flash analysis in PowerFactory is carried out to calculate the potential incident thermal energy in the vicinity of low and medium voltage equipment when a short circuit occurs. The result is used to choose appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Thereby ensuring that staff are not dangerously exposed to the arc flash hazard during the course of their work and in order to ensure that workspace safety standards are fully complied with.

Using practical examples, the participants will familiarise themselves with the fundamentals of arc flash calculation according to IEEE 1584 and NFPA. A brief introduction to German DGUV 203-077 will be provided.

PowerFactory’s extensive toolset is used to analyse arc flash calculation as well to guide the selection of the required PPE.

This training focuses on arc flash in ACsystems only.


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