PowerFactory for Renewable Energy Systems

Complex studies for the integration of renewable generation into distribution, transmission and industrial networks are one of the key issues of nowadays network planning and analysis. PowerFactory combines extensive modelling capabilities with advanced solution algorithms, thereby providing the analyst with tools to undertake the full range of studies required for grid connection and grid impact analysis of wind parks, photovoltaic (PV) plants and all other kind of power park modules using renewable energies:

  • Steady-state load flow calculations considering voltage-dependent reactive power capability limits, power park controllers with setpoint characteristics, etc.
  • Short-circuit calculation with optional inclusion of dynamic voltage support according to k-factor settings of wind turbines and PV inverters
  • Power quality assessment according to IEC 61400-21, plus capability to consider frequency-dependent Norton equivalents
  • Balanced and unbalanced stability and EMT analysis
  • Models for all established generator/converter types
  • Additional power park equipment such as controlled shunts and STATCOMs
  • Stochastic wind models for generation adequacy studies
  • HVDC link models for offshore wind park connections