Quasi-Dynamic Simulation

Power Factory offers Quasi Dynamic Simulation  for the execution of medium to long term simulations. Multiple load flow calculations are carried out with user-defined time step sizes. The tool is particularly suitable for planning studies in which long term load and generation profiles are defined, and network development is modelled using variations and expansion stages.

  • Medium- to long-term simulations based on steady-state analysis
  • Time and Time-Profile characteristics for simplified modelling of (recurrent) time series
  • Consideration of planned outages, network Variations & Expansion Stages
  • Flexible definition of simulation time range with arbtirary resolutions
  • Simulation plots and tabular reports including statistical analysis
  • QDSL-language for user-definable models (load flow and quasi-dynamic equations)
  • QDSL model encryption funcionality1
  • Parallelised simulation using multiple cores
  • Use of neural networks for fast approximation of results2

1Requires DPL/DSL/QDSL Encryption Function licence. DIgSILENT does not give any express warranties or guarantees for cryptographic security of encrypted models. In particular, DIgSILENT does not guarantee that the details and functionalities of an encrypted model are secure against all means of access or attack attempts.
2Requires Artificial Intelligence licence