PowerFactory for conventional Power Plants

Reliability and efficiency are mandatory properties of a power plant as it represents the core of any power system. PowerFactory offers tools for analysing all power generation components.

PowerFactory Capabilities

  • Models of generators, governors (steam, gas, diesel, water), automatic voltage regulators (AVRs) and power system stabilisers (PSSs)
  • Voltage dependent PQ capability curves
  • Models of motors, protection relays, power electronic converters and DC equipment
  • Calculation of short-circuit currents
    • in AC grids according to IEC 60909 (VDE 0102, incl. 2016 edition) and ANSI
    • in DC auxiliary supply grids according to IEC 61660 and ANSI/IEEE 946
  • Stability and EMT simulation
    • Behaviour during short-circuits and load changes
    • Frequency control
    • Transient stability
    • Sub-synchronous resonances
    • Transformer inrush
  • Model frequency response analysis (Bode and Nyquist Diagrams)
  • Interface for real-time measurement data from DIgSILENT monitoring system PFM for online grid code compliance supervision or model validation