PowerFactory for Distribution Networks

Different phasing technologies, such as single-wire earth return, twophase, bi-phase or classical three-phase systems, have created a need for multi-phase distribution power system modelling. PowerFactory provides comprehensive modelling features for studying all kinds of electrical networks with different phasing technologies, meshed or radial topologies and railway supply systems connected to public distribution systems.

In order to reduce network unbalance, improve quality of supply and optimise distribution networks, PowerFactory offers a large variety of functions, such as multi-phase load fl ow analysis, short-circuit analysis (IEC 60909, ANSI C37 and multiple fault analysis), harmonic analysis, quasi dynamic simulation, optimal power restoration and reliability assessment. Other standard features include the modelling of distributed generation and virtual power plants, voltage drop analysis, consideration of LV load diversity, daily load and generation profi les and easy-to-use protection coordination functionality.

Other important aspects
  • Probabilistic analysis with stochastic modelling of distributed generation and load consumption
  • Tie open point optimisation
  • Optimal capacitor placement
  • Voltage profile optimisation for bi-directional power flows
  • Geographic diagrams (GPS-based) with background maps
  • GIS and SCADA integration