98% RES PowerFactory benchmark project released

This May, Prof. István Erlich (†) from the University of Duisburg-Essen was working closely with Dr. Martin Schmieg from DIgSILENT to finalise the 98% RES PowerFactory benchmark project.  Following the unexpected and tragic death of Prof. Erlich, the project has now been completed in close cooperation with the Department of Electrical Systems and Networks, University of Duisburg-Essen in the manner originally agreed with Prof. Erlich. The PowerFactory project has now been released on the DIgSILENT FAQ support area along with two explanatory project descriptions (see here). The project comprises a 9-bus benchmark network with predefined fault events. The project setup is identical for the RMS- and EMT-simulation mode. The match of RMS- and EMT- simulation results is excellent.

The 98% RES benchmark project impressively demonstrates that, based on fast voltage-controlled converters with a stringent voltage source approach, the further increase of power infeed utilising converter-based generation can succeed on a defined migration path within existing power system structures and characteristics. The approach of the virtual synchronous machine or other methods, not compatible with presently applied network control principles, seems to be obsolete.

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