DIgSILENT releases PowerFactory 2017 SP1

DIgSILENT has released the new service pack PowerFactory 2017 SP1.

We are glad to announce that this service pack supports localization of the user interface for various languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Turkish.

In the PowerFactory 2017 version, a range of improvements have been made to the handling and data management with a series of additional convenience functions. The new version also comes with a series of enhancements to the network diagrams and graphic representation tools. A special focus in development has been on the various analysis function capabilities of PowerFactory. This includes a number of new power equipment models and extensions to existing ones. Most notably, further modelling flexibility has been provided with the inclusion of user-defined models for load flow and quasi-dynamic simulation.

PowerFactory 2017 product highlights include among others:

  • Enhanced Diagram Layout Tool for auto-drawing of feeders and branches, protection device layout, as well as auto-layout of site and substation diagrams
  • Output window redesigned to be interactive, with flexible filter functionality
  • Add-on Modules: new framework for user-extendable function scope including fully integrated result representation
  • New Project Combination and Connection Assistant
  • New and enhanced Power Equipment Models: harmonic filters, busbar trunking systems, voltage regulator, 4-w transformer, power freq. control using merit order
  • New QDSL modelling language: User-definable load flow and quasi-dynamic simulation models
  • IEC60909 Update - 2016 edition
  • New Protection Audit validation tool for protection settings and configurations
  • Connection Request Assessment: BDEW 2008 and VDE AR-N-4105 guidelines
  • New optimisation methods for Tie Open Point and Phase Balance Optimisation: genetic algorithms and simulated annealing
  • Extended failure models and power restoration strategies for Reliability Analysis
  • New Outage Planning module
  • Extension of simulation scan by Fault Ride Through verification
  • IEC 61400-27-1 interface for external dynamic models
  • CGMES interface: functional extensions and performance improvements
  • New FGH/Integral export function

The new version is available to registered users of companies with valid guarantee/maintenance on the DIgSILENT Download Area. More information can be found in the document "What's New in PowerFactory 2017", which is also available for download.


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