Network Diagrams and Graphic Features

PowerFactory has a range of flexible tools to enable the user to visualise electrical networks, including geographic representations based on GPS coordinates. Features include easy navigation between graphics and data, diagram layers and many diagram colouring options.  Customised graphics can be created but there is also a diagram layout tool for the automatic generation of network diagrams.

  • Simplified single line diagrams for schematic and design views with diagram conversion options
  • Detailed single line diagrams showing full switch & component model including primary and secondary equipment
  • Graphical representations of sites, substations and bays, grouping objects such as feeders and paths, and other complex objects such as towers and controllers
  • Intelligent Overview Diagrams supporting node & branch views
  • Geographic Diagrams (GPS-based) with background maps
  • Background Maps representation automated via mapping server interface (e.g. Open Street Map, Google Maps1, Esri ArcGIS1)
  • Area Interchange Diagrams
  • Graphic search option for network elements in diagrams, including geographic search
  • Flexible diagram layer concept with opacity settings for customisable layer combinations, including annotation layers for enriched visualisation options (network diagram, maps, images, texts, plots, etc.)
  • Single line diagram handling across Variations and Expansion Stages
  • Automated drawing of Site and Substation Diagrams
  • Diagram Layout Tool for auto-drawing or assisted drawing of full or partial network, feeders, protection devices (CTs, VT, relays), branches, site and substation diagrams as well as auto-expansion of diagram
  • User-definable symbols and composite graphics
  • Global template libraries (e.g. for substation configurations, WTGs, PV systems)
  • Numerous diagram colouring and result visualisation modes
  • Flexible Heatmap background colouring scheme
  • Navigation Pane facility
  • View Bookmarks for quick navigation between zoom areas
  • Diagram export and printing functionality with comprehensive print configuration options
  • Tabbed windows with browser-like navigation
  • Interactive split views for working simultaneously in multiple diagrams or plots

1 Upon request: additional license agreements with map service providers apply