Maintenance & Support Services

DIgSILENT PowerFactory is a power system analysis software which incorporates a wide range of cutting-edge calculation and simulation functions, models of modern power equipment and options for interfacing with other products. DIgSILENT provides various support services, and offers maintenance contracts. For Perpetual Software Licences, maintenance contracts are offered on a yearly basis. A maintenance contract will not only give you access to the full range of support services and materials, but also allow you to keep your PowerFactory installation fully up to date with recent developments and new features. The first year of software maintenance and support is included in the initial purchase price. With a Subscription Software Licence, the software maintenance and support service is included in the subscription fee.

New PowerFactory Versions

DIgSILENT releases a new version of PowerFactory every year, supplemented by regular service packs. Each annual PowerFactory version has new features, new electrical models and extensions to the existing modelling suite. During the warranty, maintenance or subscription period PowerFactory users have access to software updates via DIgSILENT’s download area for registered users.

Personalised Customer Support

Our technical support team is available from Monday to Friday 09:00 – 16:00 CET/CEST to provide professional support to PowerFactory users with a PF4C or PF4R licence within the warranty, maintenance or subscription period. We endeavour to respond to support requests within 24 hours during the working week. We do not guarantee a resolution to the request within that time, but will acknowledge the request and communicate with the user to gather more information if required. You can call us on our English or German hotline or contact us via our web-based customer portal. Using the customer portal allows you to send data files such as PowerFactory projects (*.pfd), which can help resolve queries more quickly.


Electronic copies of the PowerFactory documentation such as the User Manual are available for all users within the warranty, maintenance or subscription period.


We share technical information with you by providing FAQs, application examples and tutorials. The frequently asked questions on the Knowledge Base page of our website will help you find answers to common questions. Application examples and videos show typical use cases regarding the transmission, distribution,
industrial, and generation sectors. A number of PowerFactory tutorials for both the basic package and advanced features are available from within PowerFactory and also on our website.

Training Courses & User Group Meetings

Training courses are offered online and in-house at DIgSILENT offices, as well as at users’ own sites. PowerFactory user group meetings are organised regularly to provide information as well as a platform where PowerFactory users are able to share knowledge and experiences. PowerFactory users within the warranty, maintenance or subscription period will be given a discount.


Registered PowerFactory users have the option to receive newsletters about new DIgSILENT software releases and upcoming training courses via e-mail. Opting out of these mailings is possible at any time.

  • PF4C: Commercial PowerFactory licence
  • PF4R: PowerFactory for research (for non-commercial use only)
  • PF4E: PowerFactory for education, available for use in class rooms, seminars and lectures (for non-commercial use only)
  • PF4S: PowerFactory for students, available for students in electrical engineering with a valid student ID card
  • PF4T: PowerFactory for thesis, free PowerFactory licences can be made available to students for implementing a non-sponsored Bachelor/Master/PhD Thesis or Diplomarbeit

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