GridCode Feature overview

Worldwide GridCode Assistant

  1. Most recent Grid Codes available
  2. Supports development of new Grid Codes
  3. Country-dependent LVRT analysis
  4. Input from field measurement or simulations
  5. Automatic event detection
  6. Robust algorithms for data post-processing
  7. On-line or off-line check for compliance
  8. Fast verification of requirements
  9. Voltage dip shape inspection
  10. Active and reactive power support supervision
  11. Survey of power recovery conditions
  12. Frequency variations examination
  13. Model validation
  14. Accurate synchronization between measured and simulated data
  15. Special model validation methods
  16. Easy navigation through result plots
  17. Automatic reporting

Standard and Specific non-standard capabilities

  1. IEC61000-4-7 for harmonics
  2. IEC61000-4-15 for flicker
  3. IEC61400-21 for wind turbines
  4. Special power quality functions
  5. Fast resampling available
  6. Fusion of electrical and mechanical data
  7. Easy definition of new limits and alarms
  8. Country-dependent limits verification
  9. Integrated with PowerFactory
  10. Automated into SCADA systems