Functional Overview


  • The PFM300 Smart Signal Unit (SSU) is an integrated, multifunction data acquisition system, housing all components such as power supply, CPU, data storage and signal inputs with flexible channel configuration including interfaces for channel extension devices like Signal Units (SU) and Digital Units (DU)
  • Centralised Master Station software for convenient data analysis supervision of all SSUs in the field
  • Network connection of multiple SSUs to a Master Station
  • Scalability of multiple SSUs including their extension devices
  • Management of multiple linked slave-SSUs by the integrated Control Monitoring Unit (CMU) from an SSU. Two topologies are possible managed by one SSU: high numbers of channels with up to 640 analogue and 2688 digital channels; or distributed installation locations
  • Slot-based components for easy upgrade or adaptation to different applications
  • Availability of portable and rackmount versions as well as fully-configured cabinet according to customer specification

SSU Multi-Timeframe Data Streams

Raw Data Stream

  • Stream rate: 15,151kHz (303 samples/cycle @50Hz, 252 samples/ cycle @60Hz)
  • Stream values: Instantaneous values from all signal inputs
  • COMTRADE output: Recording based on trigger event
    • Pre-fault time:
      user-selectable (typical: 1 - 60s)
    • Post-fault time:
      user-selectable (typical: 1 - 120s)
    • Re-trigger:
      supported; various options

Fast Data Stream

  • Stream rate: 1-2 samples/cycle (50-100 samples/sec. @50Hz, 60-120 samples/sec. @60Hz)
  • Stream values: Voltages and currents RMS/phasor, frequency, power, PQ values, Di, etc. based on all signal inputs, C37.118 input values, user-defined signal aggregation based on multiple input signals
  • Protocol output: via IEEE C37.118 or IEC 60870-5-101/104
  • COMTRADE output: Recording based on trigger event
    • Pre-fault time:
      user-selectable (typical: 1 - 120s)
    • Post-fault time:
      user-selectable (typical: 60 - 1200s)
    • Re-trigger:
      supported; various options

Slow Data Stream

  • Stream rate: Up to 10 samples/second
  • Stream values: Same as for fast data stream
  • Protocol output: via IEEE C37.118 or IEC 60870-5-101/104
  • COMTRADE output: Continuous recording 24h; saved daily

Power Quality Data Streams

  • Stream rate: Half-cycle stream, 10/12 cycle stream, 150/180 cycle aggregation stream, 10min aggregation stream, 2h aggregation stream according to IEC 61000-4-30
  • Stream values: True RMS voltage and current, frequency, harmonics and interharmonics up to the 50th order according to IEC 61000-4-7, unbalance, voltage dips, swells and interruptions, Flickermeter according to IEC 61000-4-15
  • COMTRADE output: Continuous recording, based on trigger event or timer-based

SSU Trigger Supervision

  • Triggering on all analogue and digital signal inputs as well as inputs via protocol
  • Setup triggers on all values such as RMS, frequency, power, PQ values, oscillations or user-defined signals
  • Threshold settings on maximum, minimum or gradients of analogue values
  • Triggering on falling or rising edge
  • Hysteresis and time filter options on all trigger monitors
  • Synthetically-created trigger conditions based on logical combination of different trigger monitors via user-defined equations
  • Timer triggers
  • Multiple trigger monitors can be set on same signal values with different settings or logical combinations thereof
  • Automatic re-triggering extending the recording
  • Automatic trigger deactivation in case of excessive continuous triggering
  • Remote triggering of other PFM300 locations

SSU Web Interface

  • Accessible on each Smart Signal Unit
  • Display of live values, supports various display types
  • Measurement operation control including manual triggering
  • Easy configuration of signal assignment, trigger settings and recording parameters
  • Including archive with up- and download functionality
  • User management with multiple user accounts/groups having different access rights
  • Firmware update via web browser

Master Station

  • Centralised Master Station software for convenient data analysis of all field-deployed PFM300 systems
  • Master Station released as a module of DIgSILENT PowerFactory
  • User-friendly interface with special toolbar, plot wizards and Master Station tool kit
  • Data collection service to centralise recordings from all field SSUs to the Master Station via IEC 61850 or SMB Protocol via TCP/IP
  • Database-based event viewer for PFM events such as triggers, warnings, alarms and SOE (sequence of events) with multiple screen arrangement, individual filter options and export functions
  • Easy plot creation and data handling with various features including scaling, filtering, record scrolling, jumping, etc.
  • Statistical functions such as local/global maxima/minima, average and histograms
  • Individual post-creation of signalling, based on multiple recorded signals
  • Recorded data can be exported to various file types including ASCII, Excel, etc.
  • Full integration of recordings into PowerFactory simulations
  • Optional Scripting and Automation package for customised reporting or add-on functionality

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