Would you have the examples of IEEE SSR-Benchmarks for verification of PowerFactory simulation results?

Dynamic Simulation

For the first benchmark model refer to the PowerFactory example found in the application, by clicking in the main menu on File->Examples and changing to the "Examples from Literature" tab.

Refer to the attached project file containing the Sub-Synchronous Resonance (SSR) IEEE second benchmark model.

Concerning the implementation, here are some hints:

  • The shaft is modelled by DSL (DIgSILENT Simulation Language). A complete description of DSL can be found in the manual.
  • In the attached IEEE-Benchmark 1 example, a DSL macro library for shaft modelling is included. It consists of a mass-macro and a spring macro. Springs and masses are connected by torques and speed. The generator-mass is modelled by the built-in inertia of the generator. The torque outputs of the springs on the left and the right side (Exciter, LP) of the generator are driving the generator mass, the generator speed is fed back to the same springs. The shaft model can easily be extended to more masses, just by connecting more spring and mass blocks. However, the shaft of the attached example is already a 6-mass model and doesn't require any modification.
  • In the context of SSR analysis, it should be pointed out that flexible MOV (metalloxyd varistor) model for protecting series capacitors is implemented in PowerFactory. This element is used in the second example. There are two study cases defined, one with and one without the MOV.