Would you have an example project for different motor starting devices?

Dynamic Simulation

This example provides you with a number of classic motor starting methods for induction motors. The example is intended for use with the dynamic simulation packages Stability (RMS) and Electro-Magnetic Transients (EMT).


Refer to the attached project. The options shown are:

  • Direct start with star-delta switching: Parameter i_star = 1 (Star), i_star = 0 (Delta)
  • Additional rotor resistance: signal rradd (can also be varied in a continuously way)
  • Transformer Tap Changer (Auto-Transformer): nntapin
  • Soft Starter: Using an external device (ElmVar)
  • Variable Speed Drive: Using a frequency converter

The different options could be activated via different study cases. The project contains variations to manage the different options within one grid.