Would you have an example for a RMS simulation including a tap changer and shunt control?

Dynamic Simulation

Three PowerFactory projects containing a tap changer or a shunt controller are provided for your reference each one showing you a different modelling approach.


Refer to the three attached PowerFactory projects containing a tap changer and shunt control are provided.

Direct control via signal:
- The project "SIM TapControl nntapin.pfd" shows a tap controller directly accessing the tap position controller signal nntapin.

Control via tap events:
- The project "SIM TapControl event.pfd" uses parameter events to change the tap position. The 'signal' approach and the 'event' approach are equal. The user could select the method which suits its needs best. The model itself is quite simple in its functionality. If controlled voltage > umax for more than Tdelay -> one tap position is increased in the associated transformer If controlled voltage one tap position is decreased in the associated transformer You may use the same frame for more sophisticated controllers.

- The project "SIM SwitchedControllers.pfd" contains also an event based control. As addition the project contains also a shunt control and a control for 3-winding transformers, also based on events. The tap/step positions could either set in a manual model or via an external file. This external file (TapSet.txt) should be stored in the folder C:Temp or the user has to re-locate the file in the object "TapSettings" inside the project.