What options are available to implement a measurement in a dynamic simulation?

Power Equipment Models

The options available are the following:

Voltage  Measurement Device and Current Measurement Device (StaVmea and StaImea).
These elements implement the measurement of time-dependent data of a terminal/busbar. The element itself may be included in a cubicle of a terminal/busbar. To access this element you will need to define a frame with a slot prepared for the measurement. In the Composite Blocks which are instantiations of this frame you will need to include the measurement. To see the signals provided by the measurement please use the monitor dialogue.

Phase Locked Loop Device (ElmPhi__Pll).
This element is able to measure the frequency and phase of a voltage in the system. To use it please create the PLL device (New → Others → ElmPhi__Pll). The measurement location will be a busbar. Normally you will not have to modify the default parameters of the PLL device. The PLL will return you the phase and the frequency of the measured voltage. This can be used in your controller application.