WARNING: Your licence requires online access within the next XX days to verify its validity!

Installation and Licensing

Since version 2016, as a theft protection mechanism, the licence requires connection to the internet at least every 30 days to be validated. An automatic validation is done 30 days after the last validation, if there is no internet connection at this point, you will receive the following warning message:

WARNING: Your licence requires online access within the next 15 days to verify its validity!


Since this is only a warning, you still have XX days to validate the licence. To validate the licence, proceed as follows:

  • Connect to the internet. You can verify the internet connection following these steps:

- Open the Licence Manager by searching in the Windows Start Menu

- Click on Network Settings and then on Check Connection

  • Open PowerFactory. If it starts without a warning message, the licence was automatically validated.

You can manually validate the licence at any time directly from PowerFactory, via Tools -> Licence -> Validate Licence. This can also be used to verify the number of remaining days until the next validation.

Check the FAQ:  can-i-modify-the-licence-validation-process-for-a-network-licence.html if you have a network licence and want to avoid the validation process on the user's side.