No PowerFactory licence found or the selected licence is invalid

Installation and Licensing

This message is issue when no licence is found, it can be that the licence is not activated or in case of a dongle licence, that the dongle is not connected to the computer.


There are several reasons for this error message. It is issued when - at PowerFactory startup - no licence is found.
* In case you are using a USB dongle licence, please make sure that the USB dongle is connected to the PC.
* If you have not yet activated your licence, please choose "Activate Licence" in the LicenceManager and enter the activation key you have received from our sales team.
* If your licence has already been activated, please choose "Select Licence" in the LicenceManager to configure access to your licence.

If you are using a multi-user network licence, please make sure that communication between PowerFactory and the licence server is not blocked by your firewall.
All licence communication uses port 22350. This port must not be blocked for TCP/IP and UDP communication.

For details please refer to WiBu CodeMeter FAQ: