Licence problems which require a Licence Support Package

Installation and Licensing

In some cases it is necessary to see the License Support Package to investigate the problem. The following messages are the case:

  •  Error reading licence model information
  •  Error while trying to access licence
  •  Licence is invalid
  •  Code Integrity check failed. Application is terminated
  •  Unknown licence error XX
  •  Failed to repair the CodeMeter service configuration. Please contact DIgSILENT support.
  •  This licence is invalid. Please contact DIgSILENT support.
  •  Failed to activate licence. Please try again later or contact DIgSILENT support.

Create a support ticket and attach the Licence Support Package to it.

To create a Licence Support Package open the Licence Manager and click on the button Create Licence Support Package. If the licence is installed on a server, the support package should be created at both the client and the server sides.