What do I need to consider when simulating the synchronisation of a synchronous generator?

Dynamic Simulation

Is there anything special that needs to be considered? i.e. settings that need to be applied in order to reproduce the behaviour of a synchronisation event?


For synchronising a synchronous generator to a power network you need to consider the following:

  • The flag spinning in isolated operation (load flow page) should be enabled. Otherwise the synchronous machine is at stand-still when the breaker is opened. The machine angle can then be specified on the Load Flow page if the isolated machine is set as reference machine (SL (Slack) mode) on the same page.
  • In case of RMS-simulations, a global reference system must be used. This option is available on the the "Solver Option" page of the Initialization command (ComInc), under the tab "General":
  • Reference System: Global Reference System. This option is also the default one.
  • A switch event needs to be for the generator for the instant of connecting it to the network