Is it possible to calculate faults between lines at different voltage level?


PowerFactory allows to calculate faults between lines at different voltages, that means in general faults between different circuit phases through a definition of a "Intercircuit Fault".
To do it, follow the following steps:

1. Go to the "Short-Circuit" command and make sure that there are no active Short-Circuit events.

2. Add a new Short-Circuit event selecting the element "Intercircuit Fault Event (EvtShcll)".

3. In the popped up window you could choose the circuits and the corresponding phases among which the fault will be calculated. As well you could set the fault impedance. Then select OK to accept and close the window.

4. Then go to the "Calculate Short-Circuit" button and select "Multiple Faults" option.

5. Finally click en "Execute" to calculate the defined Short-Circuit calculation.

In the attached file you will find an example where a Short-Circuit is calculated between Phase A of "LineAF01" and Phase B of "Line3" in the 10kV grid.