Is it possible to calculate faults between lines at different voltage levels?


PowerFactory allows for calculation of faults between lines at different voltages, that means in general faults between different circuit phases through a definition of a "Intercircuit Fault". In order to do so you should follow the next steps:

1. Go to the Edit Short Circuits command located in the Main Toolbox 1,
2. Add a new Short-Circuit event selecting the element "Intercircuit Fault Event (EvtShcll?),
3. In the pop-up window there are options to set fault type, locations and fault resistance and reactance. Set according to your needs and select OK,
4. Select Calculate Short-Circuit command (CTRL + F11), select method 'complete' if not already selected and tick 'Multiple Faults',
5. Select Execute

In the attached file you will find an example where a Short-Circuit is calculated between Phase A of line 'L1 HV' in 110 kV grid and Phase B of line 'L1 MV' in the 10kV grid.