How to suppress the new update/version dialogue on startup?

Installation and Licensing

PowerFactory has a functionality, which checks for new versions. When DIgSILENT publishes a new version, on each startup, a dialogue will be shown. However, there might be reasons for not updating PowerFactory immediately or in case of multi user installations the user might not have the permission to do so.

Therefore it might be reasonable to suppress this dialogue for individual users or globally.


There are two places where this can be configured: one is the global configuration and the other is in the user settings.

The user setting (Tools - User Settings...) is under Miscellaneous:

  • Manually - the dialogue will not be shown anymore. The user must check manually for updates
  • On each application start (default) - On each startup PowerFactory checks for available updates
  • According to intervall - The user can define the frequency PowerFactory checks for updates

The global configuration (Tools - Configuration...) settings can be found under Advanced / Advanced, overrides the user settings, and this is what the different options mean:

  • disabled – The user cannot change his personal settings nor can he access the Help -> "Check for Updates" menu entry
  • manually only – The user cannot change his personal setting but the "Check for Updates" menu entry is enabled
  • allowed – The user can adjust his personal setting