How to import and export diagrams in DXF format?


DXF files can be used directly as background file for single line diagrams. Open the Graphic Layers dialog and switch to the Configuration page. Select the Background Layer, as Background type Image and choose the file.

PowerFactory doesn't provide an export in the dxf format. But using some additional software a conversion of the network diagram into the DXF format is possible.
A possibility offers the freeware bundle ghostview and ghostscript. To perform the dxf conversion, proceed as follows:
1. Download the two packages from their homepage and install them.
2. Print the network diagram as a PostScript file (using a PS-Printer and Print to File)
3. Start GhostView
4. Open the printed ps-file by pressing File/Open/PostScript file
5. Start the conversion by pressing Edit/Convert to vector format..., choose Format dxf: CAD exchange format