How do you model the line energisation of a BI-phase system using a distributed parameter line model?

Dynamic Simulation

In the attached PowerFactory project, part of a railway transmission network is modelled based on BI-phase technology. The simple network model contains three 110 kV overhead line sections which are modelled with distributed parameters.

Three study cases are included in the example:

  • Steady State Simulation
  • Short Circuit Simulation
  • Line Energisation Simulation

In the first study case the steady state load condition is analysed by means of EMT simulation. In the second study case a short circuit at the central substation is investigated.

Finally the energisation of the disconnected overhead line “Central-West” is simulated showing transients overvoltages due to travelling wave effects. The maximum overvoltage reaches 173 kV, which is 2.23 per unit with respect to the 110 kV system voltage.