How do you derive the frequency charactersitics of line parameters using geometric models (TypTwo, TypCabsys, TypGeo)?

Power Equipment Models

Harmonic load flow calculation and frequency sweep calculations required detailed models of lines that are also representative for higher frequencies. For harmonic analysis, overhead lines and cable systems are ideally modeled based on their geometry using TypTow, TypGeo and TypCabsys.

However, the user might be restricted to the use of TypLne line models. In this case, the user can derive the frequency dependency for the line parameters R1, R0, L1 and L0 using the geometric models in PowerFactory for typical lines and assign them to the TypLne models as follows:

  1. Model your cable using TypCab & TypCabsys or overhead line using TypCon & TypTow or TypCon & TypGeo
  2. Execute the embedded Python script in the attached example
    1. Select the line model you want to analyse (TypTow,TypCabsys, TypGeo)
    2. Define the frequency range and step size
    3. Execute the script and view the plots for R1, R0, L1 and L0

The frequency dependent parameters are plotted in per unit. The p.u. characteristic can now be used in the TypLne model as described in user manual chapter "Modeling Harmonic Sources".