How do I model a ripple control system in a substation?

Power Quality

In the attached project (RippleControl.pfd) two different methods of modelling ripple control systems are illustrated:

  • The study case "Serial Infeed" shows the simplified way by just inserting a voltage source in series to a transformer.
  • The study case "Serial Infeed Detailed" shows a way of injecting a signal in series to a transformer with the help of a booster transformer.

The transmitter is modelled by a voltage source. On the page basic data, the nominal voltage needs to be entered. On the load flow page, the Voltage Magnitude should be set to 0 p.u. because there is no injection at fundamental frequency. The ripple control frequency and the magnitude of the injected signal can be entered on the
Harmonics page. It is possible to define magnitude and phase angle of the injected voltage. The phase angle only plays an important role, if more than one transmitter is connected to the same system.