How do I export all description lines of an element to a spreadsheet?


The export to the spreadsheet format uses text files where the columns are separated by tabs.
This is a format which is supported by several spreadsheet programs.
In tab separated columns it is not possible to export cells which contain more than one line.
Therefore PowerFactory writes per default only the first line of the description.
To export more than one line, the lines have to be addressed separately. A dynamic number of lines is not possible, so the maximum number of lines should be chosen to export all lines of description. This guarantees that the number of columns in the tab separated file is fixed for all rows.
Open the Relevant Objects for Calculation filter for the desired element class and switch to the Flexible Data page. Select the other variables for export (excluding the description). To define the lines of the description, browse on the Basic Data page to the Editor tab and add the description. The variable access of a text field is always: varname:line where line starts with 0 for the first row of the text. The varname of the description is desc. To access the first line of the description type desc:0, the second line is desc:1,. . .
The Complete List of Selected Variables could look like:
This would display the default columns Name, In Folder, Grid and the columns Number of Phases,
Nominal L-L Voltage and the first three lines of the description in the Object Filter.
Finally the command Spread Sheet Format/Write to File exports the chosen data.