How can I validate in time domain my Prony Analysis results?

Dynamic Simulation

It is possible to use the results of the Prony Analysis in a DSL model in order to generate a synthetic time domain curve as a summation of all resulting individual components. The generated curve can be overlayed on the same plot as with the original signal in order to visually compare how the computed curve fits the input data.


Refer to the example attached, where six eigenvalues are used to generate a time domain curve. Do the following:


- Import the project and activate the study case "Step 1 - Generate Prony Results"

- Run the simulation and then show the plot "§ Generator Current". Recalculate the Prony Results.

- Activate the study case "Step 2 - Compare Prony Results". Run the simulation and observe the overlayed signals (original and the one generated using the Prony information).