How can I use WMS/WMTS services as background map providers?

Data Model

In PowerFactory WMS/WMTS services can be used as background maps in geographic diagrams. To configure and apply such services, please proceed as follows:
1. Login as Administrator.
2. Search the Data Manager folder Database/Configuration/Web Map Services. If this folder is not available, create a new Folder within /Configuration/ with the Key "MapServices" and define this folder to be "System (DIgSILENT)"
3. Create an IntUrl object within this folder
3.1 Specify the name by which the service will be represented in the GUI
3.2 Specify the map service’s URL in the “Address” field
3.3 The "Resource Type" has to be a "Map Service"
3.4 Choose the proper "MapServer Protocol"
Once this is defined, check the setup with the "View" button

To use this WMS/WMTS service, go back to your network model, which contains a geographic diagram
1. Create a new diagram Layer of "Layer type" Geographic map
2. Choose the "Provider" to be a "WMS/WMTS service" and the "Service URL" to be the previously created IntUrl object
3. Within the "Map layers", you can select the proper map layer to be visible
4. Optinally: Select the "Opacity" (Images tap of the Diagram Layer) to be less than 100%. This setting might be required, if more than one map layer shall be displayed.