How can I use the state of the breakers in my network for logical decisions in DSL?

Dynamic Simulation

It is possible to monitor the breaker status in a DSL model.

The switches (StaSwitch) that are to be monitored must have the flag "detailed for calculation" enabled. This option is located in the "Basic Data" page of the breaker element. In order to access this data, select from the single line diagram a breaker and click the right mouse button. Select from the drop down menu "Edit devices". This should display a list of available devices that are located within this cubicle. One of these elements (if not the only one) should be a breaker. Double click on the breaker in order to enable the detailed for calculation flag.

In order to use this signal in a DSL model, the frame slot should have the output variable "closed" defined (breaker closed=1, breaker open=0). This variable can be found under the variable set Calculation Parameter of the element. The attached example shows this procedure. The example shows that the output signal of the two breakers (can be of course more of them) are connected to a logic which in turn will emit an output signal if both breakers are open. The output signal of this logic slot (not connected in this example) can then be used like an additional input signal to another DSL model.