How can I split up a network diagram to be printed out on several pages?


In general you can divide the page format when printing network diagrams in the following way:

Click the button named Drawing Format to open the page formats definitions. To print using a sub-format you must select a Subsize for Printing.

If you want to print e.g. an DIN A2 in Landscape on four A4 Landscape set the following settings:

   Drawing Size:  Landscape; Format: A2
   Subsize for Printing:  Landscape; Format: A4

Other useful combinations:

    Drawing Size        Subsize for Printing
   Landscape A2            Portrait A3
   Landscape A4            Portrait A5
   Landscape A3            Portrait A4
   Landscape A1            Portrait A2
   Landscape A1          Landscape A3

If you want to divide an A4 format to 4 sub-pages you need a sub-format with the dimensions Width(A4)/2 and Height(A4)/2 which is A6. A6 is not predefined. To define the page format A6, press New in the frame Subsize for Printing to create the new format and set the appropriate values.

Press OK to close the Format dialogue.

Set Landscape in the Subsize for Printing. Close the Drawing Format dialogue to return to the graphic.

The graphics will display grey lines showing the sub-pages for printing. Now the graphic (A4) will be split up to four pages.

When printing you can set the Print Range in the printer dialogue to Selection. This option is available only if a graphic is zoomed and not at full size. This will print just the visible area of the graphic.