How can I solve the problem "Local licence server does not respond"?

Installation and Licensing

Solution for the error message "Local licence server does not respond. Program will be terminated".


This question applies only to PowerFactory version 15.2 or previous.

If you get the message "Local licence server does not respond", proceed as follows:

  • Execute the application "digactivate.exe", which you will find in the installation directory of the licence server.
  • Select one of the 3 options for licence activation e.g. the option Activation via Internet.
  • Enter PowerFactory User name and password as stated in the licence agreement.
  • Return to the licence server directory and start the application "diglsvc32.exe".
  • Select Stop Service, then Start Service to restart the local licence server.
  • In PowerFactory: Open the Configuration and check the option on the Licence page (Workstation for local USB key, Server for server key).